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GerIta office AU in which Feliciano, the new intern, somehow becomes too fond of his boss, Ludwig “what do i do with my hands” Beilschmidt. And vice-versa. B)

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How about as a community on here we actually do stop judging people based on their race/sexuality/gender instead of invalidating people because of it

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alfred, that is not what the red telephone is for


He he he—

Two little chibi— France X Russia


I so love this ship »u« <3 

France say ” Ma douce beauté” ~> ” My sweet beauty “ 
And Russia say ” Хуу … Как я могу говорить с Франции-кун ?”  or in english ~> ” How can I speak to Frantsiya-kun ? “

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Chibi Cheebs by Kolmoi


Well, wow. Never thought we’d come this far but hey! Here we are and we need to celebrate that.

I have no goods i’d like to give away, i live in Central Europe (meaning far, far away from most of my followers), and this is an art blog after all so: 

*:・゚✧ 10,000+ followers special art giveaway*:・゚✧


  • you have to be a follower of mine (well duh)
  • likes and reblogs both count
  • there will be three winners, chosen with the help of a random number generator around these days: sept 29 - oct 3
  • you get a coloured drawing (background not guaranteed, only if you specifically ask for it) of anything your little heart desires - any character (OCs included), any ship, any group (of max 5 people), any animal, any plant, any object, or anything in-between doing anything.
  • with the exception of: heavy gore (mutilation/internal organs are shown), explicit nsfw (i’m a young, underage gal who doesn’t get embarrassed easily but also doesn’t want to look up dick pictures on google images), incest, pedophilia, etc etc you get the point
  • if you request characters from a show i don’t know, i can’t guarantee they’ll be 100% IC but i’ll try to do my best
  • if one of the winners doesn’t answer me within a week, a new winner will be chosen
  • all winners get their prizes within a week or two (probably the former) - via submission/posting it on my blog, whichever you want -, depending on how busy i am.

Thank you and good luck! 

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endless list of my favourite fictional characters↴

Miss Pauling from Team Fortress 2

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